Diyar Homes

Diyar homes is a mega project by the internationally well-renowned realestate developer known as China Pakistan Investment Corporation (CPIC).  It is a UK based real estate investment firm who has just entered the Pakistani market with their Flagship project in Pakistan known as Diyar Homes.

Diyar Homes

Diyar Homes is the flagship project of China Pakistan Investment Corporation (CPIC) in Pakistan. This project is based in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). CPIC has just acquired 27 million feet2. It is a long-term project with the estimated cost of acquisition was about $1.5 billion dollars (249 billion PKR approx.). The project will span over a period of 10 years and will have

  • Apartments,
  • Luxury Villas,
  • Five Star Hotel,
  • Cinema,
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Golf Course
  • And A Lot More

According to a CPIC spokesperson

 “The acquisition comes as the group looks to cement their position as the leading developer for overseas Pakistanis by expanding their land bank in Pakistan’s most prime locations.”

“It took CPIC more than three years to acquire land in Islamabad due to strict regulatory criteria and an acute shortage of land in the capital, the spokesperson added.”

“We had a 72 point criteria ranging from accessibility, infrastructure, utilities, and natural landscape to ownership status, which made it extremely difficult to acquire the type of land we were looking for whilst staying within the ethos of pioneering trust, transparency, and sincerity to Pakistan’s real estate market.”

Why the main focus is on Pakistani Diaspora?

“The overseas Pakistanis are a mega asset of Pakistan, it is amongst the strongest diasporas in the world with over 8 million people living and working abroad”

The overseas Pakistanis (Diaspora) are one of the biggest and most reliable sources of income for Pakistan. The total annual revenues coming from Diaspora are around the US $40 billion. This project is one of the greatest opportunities for Diaspora to invest their money back into the country or live the luxury life only one could dream of in Pakistan. CPIC’s Diyar Homes will be Pakistan’s first-ever resort-style community for overseas Pakistanis. CPIC’s investment is in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to engage Pakistani overseas in the development of the country.

“Diyár Homes will bring the best of international living to Pakistan and give the overseas Pakistani diaspora a deserving home within their motherland”

There were very stringent criteria and a dire shortage of large parcels of land in the fastest developing city of Pakistan (Islamabad). The CPIC had been on the hunt for three years assessing no less than two dozen parcels of land before finalizing the acquisition.


“We had 72-point criteria ranging from accessibility, infrastructure, utilities and natural landscape to ownership status, which made it extremely difficult to acquire the type of land we were looking for whilst staying within the groups ethos of pioneering trust, transparency and sincerity to Pakistan’s real estate market”

“Ultimately, we found the perfect piece of land located in a stunning hillside setting whilst being within touching distance of the capital and most importantly with clean ownership title. It is a mega acquisition by any measure and a huge vote of confidence in Islamabad, one of the world’s most buoyant real estate markets”

Launch of Diyar homes by China Pakistan Investment Corporation

This project is currently in the Planning stage which means that not a lot of information has come out of secrecy yet. This project is expected to be launched in the year 2021 and may end up in the year 2031 as it should take the amount of time informed by the Diyar Homes.

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