Liberty Mall Peshawar


A multi-storey shopping mall is emerging in the heart of Peshawar at the evergreen University road. Welcome to Liberty Mall – amodern, one stop mall for all the shopaholics of the beautiful city. Located at the busiest and the most popular Peshawari shopping destination. Liberty Mall promises to be the finest shopping hub of the city. Get all the advantages of the most sophisticated and prime location which guarantees tremendous future opportunities.

Setting up a business in Liberty Mall means an end to the miseries caused by constant load shedding. It means uninterrupted power supply to the Mall at all times. Huge backup generators will provide a parallel system of 24 hours nonstop power to the entire shopping complex, attracting thousands of customers who prefer to shop in a comfortable atmosphere.

Liberty Mall provides world class security so that the thousands of customers feel safe and secure. it is equipped with state of the art security systems that include special surveillance , secure and peaceful environment , security guards and round the clock CCTV network. Every floor has its own fire fighting system and emergency exits.

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  • Spacious shops
  • Unique Glass Elevators
  • Fast moving lifts
  • Wide walkways
  • 24/7 Security surveillance
  • Security guards
  • Fire fighting system
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Emergency Exits
  • Basement Parking
  • Powerful stand by generators






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