Giga Group

Giga Group

Giga Group is a well-known company famous for delivering their state of the art real estate project not only in Pakistan but also in Dubai. The Giga Group of companies was founded in 1956 and the founder of Giga group is Haji Abdul Rahim.

Giga Group

In the beginning they made their debut in the textile and trading industry but now they have multiple successful companies under the name of Giga Group.

The Giga group is doing business in Gold & Jewelry Trading, General trading, Construction Business, Real Estate Investment Business, Real Estate Development Business, and Textile Industry.

Giga Group

Gold & Jewelry Trading Business

Giga group owns a company Mazyood Jewelry DMCC, UAE. This company was established in 1994 in Dubai. Mazyood Jewellery is one of the top suppliers of high quality gold.

In year 2000 Because of their successful business and amazing services in Dubai the company was honored for being the largest gold importers of Dubai.

General Trading

Under the super vision of Giga Group Mian Akbar Trading Corporation was formed in year 1985 in Pakistan.

Mian Akbar Trading Corporation is one of the top leading exporters of textiles and industrial machinery spare parts, and accessories.

In the construction category Giga Group owns 7 different companies. 4 of these companies are operating in Dubai and the remaining 3 companies are operational in Pakistan.


In the construction industry Giga Group have multiple companies in Pakistan and Dubai. Below we are sharing a list of companies with their details and services.

Al-Najeeb Construction

Al-Najeeb Construction was established in Pakistan in 2003. Their aim was to offer high quality construction and development services in Pakistan. Al-Najeeb construction have delivered 2 successful and famous project in Karachi Pakistan. The project names are Al Najeeb Electric Bazar & Al Najeeb Bazar both are located in Karachi.

Mazyood Giga International Construction Company

Mazyood Giga International is also operational in Pakistan under the super vision of Giga Group. This company was established in 2003. B3ecaue of their good reputation in construction field EMAAR group have awarded a contract of approximately 36 million dollars.

Bridge Stone Construction

Bridge Stone Constructions serving both national and international markets of construction. They are offering their services in construction industry since 2006.

Sky Construction Dubai

Sky construction is currently operational in Dubai and they are also offering their services in construction industry. Because of their services they have a good reputation in UAE and their team is well trained and experienced.

IJM Construction

IJM Pvt. Ltd. is operational in Dubai since 2006. This company is a JV of two companies (Giga Group & Malaysian Rock Products). IJM construction is providing high quality concrete products in construction industry.

IJM Gulf Limited

IJM Gulf is also a joint venture of Giga Group and Malaysian Public Company. The aim to IJM Gulf is to take international standard construction project in Pakistan.

Bina Goodyear Middle East Limited, Dubai

Established in 2006 Bina Goodyear Middle East is a joint venture of Giga Group and a Malaysian company.

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Real Estate Construction & Investment

Mazyood Giga International

Established in 2004 located in Dubai, Mazyood Giga International is a property dev3elopment company operational currently in Dubai. They have delivered multiple million dollar projects in Dubai.

Their award winning project in UAE is Goldcrest Views Dubai located in Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai. Goldcrest Views Dubai is a modern luxury residential 40 storey tower offering luxury apartments in Dubai.

Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.

Al-Ghurair Giga is also working under the super vision of Giga Group & Al-Ghurair Giga Group Dubai. Al-Ghurair Giga Pakistan was established in 2004. Their aim is to provide high-quality premium projects in Pakistan.

Al-Ghurair Giga Pakistan have delivered multiple projects in Pakistan and many international standard projects are under construction right now. Below we are sharing list of few of their premium real estate projects in Pakistan.

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Emaar Giga Karachi

EMAAR properties are one of the world leading developers company based in Dubai. To deliver a state of the art projects in Pakistan Giga Group have collaborated with EMAAR Dubai and now they both are working in Pakistan under the name EMAAR Giga Karachi.

Textile Industry

Mian Akbar Corporation Pakistan

Mian Akbar Trading was established in year 1985 and now its one the leading exporters of textile and textile related industry machinery accessories and parts.

Nida Textile Mills Tanzania

Nida Textile Mills was established in 2002 in Tanzania. The company is an export oriented company.

Namera Group of Industries Tanzania

Namera Group is currently operational in Tanzania and their work is to prepare yarn from cotton, weaving grey cloth and printing of the cloth. The company was established in 2002.

Diamond Ginning & Oil Mill Tanzania

In Tanzania Giga Group have multiple companies working in textile industry. The Diamond Ginning & Oil Mill was established in 2003. The company is working in manufacturing and marketing of cotton ginning, and oil extraction.

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