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Akber Arcade Islamabad Overview

Akber Arcade Islamabad is marketed by Star marketing consultants. Akber Arcade Offers various sizes of luxury apartments and show rooms on installments and cash payment. Akber arcade is ideal project due to its location project is situated at Gulberg Greens housing scheme surrounded by green environment and residential area.


Akbar Arcade is situated on 160 ft. wide Park Avenue Road in Gulberg Islamabad. It is further surrounded by 90ft wide roads from the other two sides. The project falling on such predominant locale is very easily spotted table. Being a part of Gulberg Islamabad makes it renowned among newbies too.

The apartments offered are of varying sizes and designs. There are four specific types. Type A and A1 consist of two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a lounge, kitchen, store and a terrace. Type B and B1 consist of 1 bed with bathroom, lounge, kitchen and a terrace.

The shops and showrooms are facing the parking lot which means no matter what, your shop always garners sufficient notices. The sizes of the shops and showrooms vary to suffice your needs of the business.

Akber Arcade Islamabad Features

  • Automatic Lifts
  • Latest Sewerage System
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Gym
  • Prime Location
  • Masjid
  • Fire safety system
  • Walkways
  • Standby Generators
  • 24/7 security
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Car parking area
  • High-speed lifts
  • gated community
  • Play Land For Kids
  • Mosque
  • 24/7 Electricity
  • Commercial Area
  • Clean Water & 24/7 Sui Gas

Akber Arcade Islamabad Location Map

Google Maps Location of Akber Arcade.




Akber Arcade Islamabad Layout Plan

Akber Arcade Islamabad

Akber Arcade Islamabad Akber Arcade Islamabad

Akber Arcade Video



Akber Arcade Islamabad Payment Plan

  B B-1 A A-1 X-L
MODE OF PAYMENT  543Sq.ft. 1 Bed   673Sq.ft.    1 Bed  1074Sq.ft. 2 Bed  1204Sq.ft. 2 Bed  1733Sq.ft. 3 Bed 
BOOKING  271,500      336,500 537,000 602,000 866,500
CONFIRMATION  271,500      336,500 537,000 602,000 866,500
ALLOCATION 271,500      336,500 537,000 602,000 866,500
33 MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS  25,000X33 (825,000) 35,000X33 (1,155,000) 50,000X33 (1,650,000) 55,000X33 (1,815,000) 80,000X33 (2,640,000)
5 HALF YEAR INSTALLMENTS  165,000X5 (825,000) 200,000X5 (1,000,000) 320,000X5 (1,600,000) 360,000X5 (1,800,000) 525,000X5 (2,625,000)
ON POSSESSION  250,500 200,500 509,000 599,000 800,500
TOTAL PRICE  2,715,000 3,365,000 5,370,000 6,020,000 8,665,000

 Akber Arcade Islamabad


Akber Arcade Islamabad contact Details

Phone: 111-111-160

Zip/Postal Code: 10078

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