Raqba in Gwadar

Buy Raqba in Gwadar and make your future. The golden sand of Gwadar will be more expensive than gold in near future!

Few years back nobody could even think that a remote fishing village will gradually turn into a land of opportunities. The vision of Gwadar becoming a global commercial hub is becoming a reality. The Government of Pakistan with collaboration of Government of China is keenly working with international entrepreneurs for a Gwadar which will be a business model like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Raqba in Gwadar

Gwadar is growing faster everyday and today is the right time to invest in Gwadar. Presently Gwadar has great business potential for everything from real estate to construction and from shipping to fishing.

Introduction to Raqba in Gwadar

Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. The city is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, approximately 700 kilometres to the west of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. Gwadar is near the border with Iran, and is located to the east of the Persian Gulf and opposite Oman.


China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

The importance of buying Land or Raqba in Gwadar can be analyzed by the importance of CPEC.

The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (Urdu: پاكستان-چین اقتصادی راہداری‎) also known as CPEC and North-South economic corridor is an economic corridor comprising a collection of projects currently under construction at a cost of $54 billion. CPEC aims to facilitate trade along an overland route that connects Kashgar and Gwadar, through the construction of a network of highways, railways, optical fiber and pipelines.


CPEC is considered to be an extension of China’s ambitious One Belt, One Road initiative. Pakistani officials predict that the project will result in the creation of upwards of 700,000 direct jobs between 2015–2030. Were all the planned projects to be implemented, the value of those projects would be equal to all foreign direct investment in Pakistan since 1970.

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