Savaira City Gwadar


Savaira City has an ideal location, next to marine drive, near Governor House and in the middle of all economic centers of Gwadar.

All eyes are on Gwadar, ever since the port has been handed over to the Chinese. Today, Gwadar is considered to be the safest place to invest with highest possible return on investment potential. There is serious buying & selling spree of properties between the investors. However, for a regular person, the decision becomes very difficult, who neither has the time nor expertise to buy and sell at the right moment. Let us present you a brilliant option, both for the novice and the expert investor!

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  • 4000 sq. yard Mosque
  • Desalination plant
  • Solar lighting
  • Underground electrical cabling infrastructure
  • Provision for healthcare facilities, library, school, and graveyard
  •  a green eco-friendly township


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