Emporium Islamabad

Emporium Islamabad

Emporium Islamabad is located on the most ideal location of F-10  Markaz. It is the latest commercial project in Islamabad and also Pakistan’s First 11-Floor Shopping Mall.
The construction of Emporium Islamabad is almost completed and shops are ready for possession. Emporium Islamabad is the project of SaifCo Group. Emporium Mall is providing world-class amenities, state-of-the-art shopping comforts, and family entertainment. There will be approximately 150 shops for sale housing number of well-known national and international brands.

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Emporium Islamabad Features

  • 11- Floor Shopping Mall in Islamabad
  • Fast moving lifts
  • 24/7 Electricity
  • Amazing staircase
  • FREE WiFi
  • Food court
  • Spacious car parking
  • Spacious sitting area
  • Besides the Petrol station
  • Spacious Shops
  • Well known Brands
  • Emporium Islamabad Anchor Store
  • Geothermal Air Conditioning
  • Clean & Clear Ownership Fully Approved
  • Car ParkCorner Plot, Four Sides Visibility
  • Strategic Location
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Lifetime Maintenance
  • Largest Outdoor Video Digital Wall
  • Skylight Ensuring Fresh Atmosphere

Emporium Islamabad Location

Emporium Islamabad is located at the most ideal location of F-10 Markaz Islamabad. This latest commercial project will be one of the high profile projects and will set new standards in the lifestyle of Islamabad.

Master Plan

The Emporium Islamabad has been designed carefully in response to the prime site it occupies and the programs it offers. The site is directly opposite F-9 Park in Islamabad and the plot gets four open sides. The location’s vibrancy and grandeur have been successfully incorporated in the design of the building so it is symbolized as a landmark, in the time to come. Balconies and seating areas have been added in the design at multiple altitudes to fill visitors’ leisure time with pleasing views of the park. The design revolves around a central atrium space which connects all the floors visually.

Payment Plan

 Emporium Islambabad Payment Plan 
 Tulipa Floor 
 Shop #  Area  Rate  Amount
 T-3                           630                          89,280                      56,246,400
 T-4                           473                          89,280                      42,184,800
 Rosa Floor  
 Shop #  Area  Rate  Amount
 R-1                           758                          51,840                      39,268,800
 R-2                           511                          51,840                      26,490,240
 R-4                           473                          51,840                      24,494,400
 Lilium Floor  
 Shop #  Area  Rate  Amount
 L-1                        1,002                          40,320                      40,380,480
 L-2                           696                          40,320                      28,062,720
 L-3                           575                          40,320                      23,184,000
 L-4                           569                          40,320                      22,921,920
 L-5                        1,002                          40,320                      40,380,480
 Mountain Avens Floor  
 Shop #  Area  Rate  Amount
 M-22                           120                          36,000                         4,320,000
 M-23                           195                          34,560                         6,739,200
 Sakura Floor 
 Shop #  Area  Rate  Amount
 S-1                           110                          30,240                         3,326,400
 S-2                           188                          31,680                         5,955,840
 S-3                           132                          31,680                         4,181,760
 S-4                           120                          31,680                         3,801,600
 S-5                           195                          30,240                         5,896,800
 Plum Blossom Floor 
 Shop #  Area  Rate  Amount
 P-1                              96                          31,680                         3,041,280
 P-2                              82                          31,680                         2,597,760
 P-3                              70                          31,680                         2,217,600
 P-4                           110                          31,680                         3,484,800
 P-5                           122                          31,680                         3,864,960
 Edelwiss Floor  
 Shop #  Area  Rate  Amount
 E-2                              96                          34,560                         3,317,760
 E-3                              90                          34,560                         3,110,400
 E-4                              82                          34,560                         2,833,920
 E-5                              70                          34,560                         2,419,200


Floor Plan

In Emporium Islamabad there are 11 Floors. Every floor is a unique and special floor.

1st Floor: Lotus Theme Car Park 1

2nd Floor:  Carnation Car Park 2

3rdFloor: Iris Theme Lower Ground Floor

4th Floor: Tulipa Theme Ground Floor

5th Floor: Rosa Theme First Floor

6th Floor: Lilium Theme Second Floor

7th Floor: Mountain Avens Theme Third Floor

8th Floor: Sakura Theme Fourth Floor

9th Floor: Plum Blossom Theme Fifth Floor

10th Floor: Edelweiss Theme Sixth Floor

11th Floor: Daisy Theme Seventh Floor

Roof Top: Jasmine Roof Top


Emporium Islamabad



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