Al-Hamra Avenue


Al-Hamna Avenue is located on one of the most convenient locations only 40 Minute Drive from ShakarParian

A housing scheme, by the name of Al-hamra Avenue is being developed in Zone-5 of Islamabad as an extension to the Al Hamra Avenue Farmhouse Scheme. It is located on Lehtrar Road leading to PINSTEC and is situated at a driving distance of 20 minutes from Serena Hotel, Islamabad. It is an urban luxury estate planned and designed by international and national renowned architects. The scheme would be developed on 6500 kanals and would have residential plots, measuring 500 & 1000 Sq Yds. Shaheen Foundation has been able to arrange a large number of plots in the Shaheen Enclave of the scheme. Al-Hamra Avenue shall be provided with latest infrastructure facilities and civic amenities

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  • Carpeted roads (Main roads 80 feet wide and secondary roads 60 / 40 feet wide)
  • Storm water drainage system
  • Sewerage arrangement
  • Water supply arrangement
  • Fence / boundary wall around the scheme with 24/7 security
  • Telephone lines
  • Under ground electrification system
  • Street light and park lights
  • Natural gas supply system
  • Satellite cable network
  • Commercial area and community club
  • Mosque
  • Post office
  • Hospital with ambulance facility
  • School
  • Police station

Layout Plan



Its main entrance shall be located on Lehtrar Road and connected to the scheme through an independent 80 ft wide road running adjacent to Al-Hamra Hills and fenced on both sides. The master planning of the scheme has been entrusted to famous Spanish and Swiss architects/town planners. The detailed engineering shall be carried out by local planners and architects in accordance with the CDA by laws.The topography of proposed land is scenic. The mass of land consists of small hillocks. The backdrop is mountain range spreading over 4-6 kms, top peak of the hills being about 600 ft high and general area about 200 ft above the Constitution Avenue. The entire 6,500 Kanals will be developed and systematically landscaped. A commercial area is planned to be built in the middle of the scheme. The entire scheme shall be protected with boundary wall.

alhamra loc


Down Payment 5% At the time of booking

Installment No.1 15% After 3 months of Down Payment

Installment No.2 15% After 3 months of Down

15% After 3 months of Installment No. 1

Installment No.3 20% After 3 months of Installment No. 2

Installment No.4 20% After 3 months of Installment No. 3

Installment No.5 15% After 3 months of Installment No. 4

Installment No.6 10% After 3 months of Installment No. 5

Total 100%

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