Senate Housing Society, Islamabad


Senate Housing Society is accessible from Japan Road (links with main G.TRoad (Islamabad Expressway) Islamabad.

The Senate Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society (SSECHS) constituted / registered in 1996 with Cooperative Department, ICT, Islamabad having total membership of 972 while the total amount deposited in the Society’s Account was Rs. 0.1 Million.

After approximately 9-years of in-activism, the society got re-activated through elections for Management Committee, purchase committee and Amendments in the byelaws.

Development Update July 2016

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  • Modern sewerage management system
  • Emergency medical and surgical centres
  • Modern infrastructure and international standard roads
  • Recreational areas and parks
  • Quality educational institutions
  • State-of-the-art commercial areas
  • Graveyards
  • mosques
  • Waste recycling and disposal systems


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