Bin Alam City Islamabad

Bin Alam City Islamabad

Bin Alam City Islamabad Overview

Bin Alam City Islamabad Is Located at the prime location connected to Ranger station. You can directly access Bin Alam City from Fatah Jang main Islamabad road.

Bin Alam City Islamabad is the latest Housing Project In Islamabad. After the success of Housing Project in Lahore (Bin Alam City Lahore). Launching Their new project in Islamabad. This project is well-planned and will be a constructed according to international standards. A city of peace with brand of Bin Alam is a complete package for people who want to live a secure and amazing life without any worries. Bin Alam City Islamabad is offering well constructed 7 Marla houses and residential plots of 5 Marla,10 Marla & 1 Kanal.


  • Water sports
  • Cinema
  • Camping area
  • Shooting range
  • Stadium
  • Medical & engineering universities on international level
  • Vocational training center
  • Self defense training center
  • Bus Service
  • Society own dam
  • Mosque
  • Pure water supply
  • Sui gas
  • Play lands
  • International level study institute
  • Gated Community
  • Community Club
  • Polo Ground
  • Riding club
  • 5 star hotels
  • Apartment and high buildings
  • Wide roads
  • Green belts/land escaping
  • Central mosque
  • Schools and colleges
  • International level commercial area
  • Underground electricity
  • Sui gas
  • Water supply(filtered water)
  • Gated community
  • 24/7 High-Security


Bin Alam City have a main plus point of prime location as You can easily access the society from all main roads. No need to spend a lot of time in traveling, you can easily avail all facilities at the arm distance within Bin Alam society.

Bin Alam City islamabad location

Master Plan

Bin Alam City Islamabad Master Plan

Payment Plan

Bin Alam City Islamabad is offering 5-Marla, 10-marla and 1-Kanal residential plots. You can Book your 5-Marla plot with 150,000 down payment. And price of monthly installment * 60 is 12,000. On confirmation you should have to pay 45,000 and possession price is 80,000.

  • Total amount of 5 Marla Plot in Bin Alam City Islamabad is 9,95,000.
  • Total amount of 10 Marla Plot in Bin Alam City Islamabad is 1,850,000.
  • Total amount of 1 Kanal Plot in Bin Alam City Islamabad is 3,450,000.
Size Down Payment Monthly Installments *60 Confirmation Possession Total Amount
5 Marla PKR 150,000 PKR 12,000 PKR 45,000 PKR 80,000 PKR 9,95,000
10 Marla PKR 295,000 PKR 20,000 PKR 90,000 PKR 265,000 PKR 1,850,000
1 Kanal PKR 550,000 PKR 40,000 PKR 150,000 PKR 350,000 PKR 3,450,000

7 Marla House Payment Plan

Capital Awami Villas offering 7-marla houses with 5,50,000  down payment. Balloting price is 3,00,000 . And quarterly installment * 12 having price 1,50,000. It has possession price 3,00,000 for 7-marla house. And total amount is 29,50,000.

Down Payment Balloting Quarterly Installments *12 Possession Total Amount
5,50,000 3,00,000 150,000 3,00,000 29,50,000


Coming Soon…

Contact For Booking & Details

Contact :- 0334-1402213 ,3076813, 0331-5985713, 9244418

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