Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad

Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad

Located on Park Road, Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad is about 10 KM away from the Islamabad International Air Port. The front side faces Chak Shahzad on western side of Chatha Bakhtawar. Northern side faces Jinnah Avenue. The Zero Point of Islamabad is about 12 KM away from the site.

The Chatha Bakhtawar and adjoining area is now getting development. So many houses are already constructed and people are living there. The nearest town Chak Shahzad has an attraction for people as famous VIP personalities also have their farm houses in the Chak Shahzad. The roads and streets are developed while other facilities include electrification work, drainage system and drinking water.

Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad

Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad Features

  • Modern layout and design
  • BeautifulĀ interios & exteriors
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Spacious Lobby & circulation areas
  • Wide Stairs & corridors
  • Highest quality of construction
  • Earthquake resilient structure
  • Firefighting system
  • Top quality tiles used for flooring
  • Top quality wood-work
  • High quality of tile work in Baths & Kitchens
  • 24-hour water and electricity supply

Chatha Bakhtawar Islamabad Location


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