Peshawar Avenue

Peshawar Avenue

Peshawar Avenue is located in the most elegant place of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



Life without the provision of basic necessities is unthinkable. An

every necessity is necessary. And here in Peshawar Avenue we

considers all modern-day facilities as necessities-not accessory

nor is the luxury, every facility a necessity. Banking upon this

philosophy, Nawab Housing Associates are committed to

furnish the Peshawar Avenue with state-of-the-art amenities.

When it comes to accessibility aspect, no other housing society

of GI Road can lay such a tall claim such as Peshawar

Avenue’s. Peshawar Avenue practically makes you the citizen of,

all big cities of Pakistan simultaneously. Think. blink and roam


Peshawar Avenue has a prime location, plentiful resources.

ongoing development projects and trustworthy developers

make it a life time investment opportunity. Currently. plots are

available on economical rates than the all other schemes. So

prospects of your investment multiplying are much higher here

than in any other housing scheme in vicinity.

At Peshawar Avenue, we provide all facilities for your mental and

physical wellbeing. We have numerous parks. And God forbid if

somebody gets ill. there are modern hospitals & Clinics with

specialized doctors and Medical personals to cure you and

your dear ones.

Security most important faculty that Peshawar Avenue provides

you. Safety is vital tor any housing scheme. We are determine to

safeguard your family, your property and your privacy and

knowing this fact guarded entrance and vigilant security patrols

are offered to our valuable residents of Peshawar Avenue.

Peshawar Avenue’s blue print is adorned with broad roads and

wider streets. They not only beautify the city but provides swift

and instantaneous paths. With the inspiration from pairs mind we

planed the Main Boulevard of Peshawar Avenue in such way that

it is 80 Ft wide. whereas all the interconnecting roads/streets are

40 to 60 Ft. wide.

It’s great to have fun, especially with your loved ones. Keeping in

mind the importance of recreation, we are on the right course to

construct one in all community center, which shall serve the

residents of Peshawar Avenue in rather lighter spheres of life.


Our housing project features standard and luxury shopping

Arena. The feature shopping Area is one of its kind and will satisfy

needs of the whole family. Especially women / Yes ladies we

know. you need to shop every now and then. For this reason, the

management of Nawab Housing has been on its toes to build a

state-of-the-art Shopping Area.

The strategic position coupled with abundant amenities makes

Peshawar Avenue -a preferred place to live .it has close proximity

to the Motorway and Ring Road which ensures investment

opportunities. Installation and provision of state-ot-the-art

amenities is self-explanatory of our commitment to making

Peshawar Avenue worth living.

Peshawar Avenue Peshawar Avenue Peshawar Avenue Peshawar Avenue Peshawar Avenue Peshawar Avenue Peshawar Avenue Peshawar Avenue

Peshawar Avenue Features

  • Modern layout and design
  • Beautiful interios & exteriors
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Spacious Lobby & circulation areas
  • School/College(International Standards)
  • Wide Stairs & corridors
  • Fast Moving lifts
  • Highest quality of construction
  • Earthquake resilient structure
  • Street lights
  • Firefighting system
  • Top quality tiles used for flooring
  • Top quality wood-work
  • High quality of tile work in Baths & Kitchens
  • 24-hour water and electricity supply
  • Hospital and Mosque(Masjid)

Peshawar Avenue Location


Peshawar Avenue

Contact Details

Peshawar: Suit # 5, 3rd Floor Block C, Jawad Tower, Abdara Chowk, University Road Peshawar, Ph: 091-5711580-1

Mardan: Suit # 24 , 2nd Floor, Al-noor Plaza, Nowshera Mardan Road, Mardan, Ph: 0937-866303, 0303- 8953333

Please mention ‘’ when you call


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