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We has partnered with the most innovative and forward-thinking organizations to ensure high-quality content for our diverse user-base. We are proud to present you the following partners:

Seerab Technologies

Seerab Housing Societies MapsSeerab Technologies, company with a vision to innovate Geospatial solution for people. Seerab innovative solution for Real Estate “Seerab Maps” empowering realtor community with 13 cities major housing societies location intelligent maps. Seerab Maps helps the user visualize, analyze, identify, locate and verify the exact location of housing societies while sitting anywhere in the world. With traffic from 120+ countries on their website www.seerab.com/maps, Seerab Maps facilitate a big number of inland and overseas Pakistanis. Seerab Maps is Pakistan’s most prestigious P@sha ICT Awards 2018 winner as “Best innovation in Real Estate” and finalists of UberPitch as well. Seerab Maps story is being covered by many newspapers, interviewed by Tv shows. Seerab Maps empowering Realtor community as well as buyer/sellers/investor of property in Pakistan bridging the knowledge and information gap for them. To know more about Seerab Visit: www.seerab.com NOW!! “

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